Terms & Conditions


When booking our activities, the customer assumes

  • The customer read the company's terms and conditions;

  • That your physical condition is appropriate for the activity;

  • If during the activity the customer does not follow the rules of conduct imposed by the responsible team, the customer will assume full responsibility for your own integrity.



a)  We recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance;
b)  Meeting point is intended directly at our OceanEmotion Office at Angra do Heroísmo Marina;
c)  Hotel pick-up and drop-off is not included in the rates, please contact us directly in case you require this type of service;
d)  Children (0-5 years) free of charge within activities including children price;
e)  Children (0-10 years) must be accompanied and fall under the responsibility of an adult;
f)  Activities without children price, please contact us directly;
g)  All vessels have life jackets on board, please ask to the responsible team to get your own;
h)  During activities, customers are covered by insurance;
i)  Our activities do not include any type of drinks or food;
j)  We are not responsible for material lost or damage during activities;
k)  Mistakes in the information provided or published by others, will not bind OceanEmotion.


In our Whale & Dolphin Watching and Swimming with Dolphins activities, we cannot predict if it will be only whales, only dolphins or both on a single tour, since we work with wild animals, and their behavior is unpredictable. However, we guarantee to sight at least one whale or dolphin species listed for the Azores. If no whales and no dolphins species are sighted during the tour, the customer will have the possibility of another free tour, or in case of unavailability due to weather conditions, a full refund.


Although our aim is to swim with dolphins, we cannot predict whether we will achieve it, since we work with wild animals, and their behavior is unpredictable. Nevertheless, if at least one species of whale or dolphin is observed and it is not possible to swim with dolphins (note: swimming with whales is forbidden in the Azores, only available when authorized by the Government of the Azores and for purposes that promote its conservation and sustainability), customer will have the possibility of another free tour, or in case of unavailability due to weather conditions, the No Swimmer fee will be applied.


For those who choose not to enter in the water when booking and children under the age of ten. Notice, it will be not considered as No Swimmer, customers who give up, demonstrate
poor swimming skills or show inability with the equipment request during the activity.

Private Tours are organized for a certain maximum number of people. For other specific group numbers, please contact us directly. Pack private tours, translate into a single trip where both activities take place, with a duration approximately of 3-4 hours.


a)  For a full refund, cancel the activity at least 24 hours in advance of activity date;
b)  In case of no show for the activity, the total amount will be invoiced;
c)  Activities require specific weather conditions. If canceled due to unfavorable conditions, customer will receive a different date or a full refund;
d)  Activities require a minimum number of customers. If it’s canceled because the minimum is not met, customer will be offered a  different date or a full refund;
e)  Company reserves the right to replace any vessel or cancel any departure, even during the same, without prior notice.

If only one activity is performed from the pack chosen and it is not possible to do the other activity, we proceed for the standard table price activity done and refund the rest of the amount paid for the pack. In case of two activities were performed and it is not possible to reschedule the third one missing activity, we proceed for the discount pack for the two completed activities and refund the rest of the amount paid for the pack, same procedure in case of four activities or more.



a)  Operates in all weather conditions, therefore customer should have suitable footwear and dress appropriately;
b)  Activities like Swimming with Dolphins and Snorkeling Wildlife, clients should have good swimming skills;
c)  Not recommended for customers with back problems;
d)  Not recommended for pregnant customers;
e)  Customer should not have heart problems or other serious medical conditions.



We developed specific conditions to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Regulation, consisting of the following points:

a)  Collection of personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and non-further processing in a manner inconsistent with these purposes;
b)  Process personal data to ensure its proper protection, including protection against unauthorized or illegal processing, loss, destruction or accidental damage;
c)  Processing the personal data of individuals in a legal, fair and transparent manner;
d)  Ensure that personal data is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed;
e)  Ensure that personal data is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. Whenever personal data are found to be inaccurate, we will take reasonable steps to erase or rectify the data for the purposes for which it is processed;
f)  Maintain personal data in a way that allows data subjects to be identified for a period not longer than necessary for the purposes for which personal data are processed.

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